Why It Pays Off To Relax Sometimes

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“You only live once.” That is a motto that practically every millennial swears by these days. It is the driving force behind every crazy activity they try or every adventure they take on. These people do not care much about owning a house or having a stable source of income. A lot of them merely stick to their jobs to fund the things they want to do. If someone offers to pay for every trip they go to, it is possible that they will not think twice before saying adios to their bosses and colleagues.

The thing is, such ideals are much different from what the generation before they follow. In their parents’ mind, everyone should keep on working hard to save for retirement. They frown upon young people who get their paycheck and blow it all at the mall or leisure trip. They are not fond of the YOLO movement either, which makes them think that kids nowadays are getting lazier by the minute.

If I can be honest, though, I would say that the members of the previous generation need to loosen up a little. To give a new twist to an old saying, all work, and no play does not make life worth living. The millennials may have to learn more about taking responsibility, but the adults should know how to relax sometimes as well because:

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  1. Stress Will Be A Staple In Your Life

Stress is essentially not bad from time to time. It means that you are doing something with your life; you are not waiting for others to do all the work for you. However, if you resist that vacation leave that your bosses are offering to you, stress may become the only constant thing in your life.

Carolyn Ferreira, PSyD suggests to repeat this to yourself daily: “May I be peaceful” or “a similar soothing word that works for [you], such as ‘happy,’ ‘calm’ or ‘safe.’”

  1. You Cannot Appreciate The Things Or People Around You

Focusing too much on your responsibilities makes you insensitive towards the people or things around you. You may say that you are not doing anything wrong, that you are working hard for everyone you love, but that’s no excuse to take a step back at times. This way, you can appreciate what – or who – you have in your life.

  1. You Deserve To Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor

Going on a short holiday with your loved ones does not have to break the bank, just in case that’s what’s stopping you from doing some recreation and relaxation. Lisa Kaplin, PsyD said “When we’re stressed, we tend to focus on everything that is going wrong, which makes it even harder to unwind.”

But take note that it is not terrible to splurge on yourself a bit, especially if you have been working nonstop in recent years. No one deserves to enjoy the money you have made more than yourself.

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In The End

Relaxing after completing a massive project or even working overtime is not a crime. It is essential, to be honest, for your sanity. If you drive yourself to the bone all the time, you will become a slave of your work. Unhappiness will soon come forth, and then you may end up not knowing who you have become. I can tell you now how scary that realization can feel, so you should not allow the situation to get too crazy.

Bonus fact about stress and anxiety from Dr. Deborah Khoshaba, PsyD: “Eating nutrient-deficient foods, not getting enough carbohydrates, protein or fat in your diet, or not eating enough can fluctuate blood-sugar levels that trigger anxiety.”