Vitamin Sea Therapy For Stress

If only there’s a stress-proof place on earth, it would be the most crowded. People, especially those in adulthood, suffer from stress, and often some cases are too overwhelming that they lead to other mental health issues such as depression. Sarah Rumpf, MA, LPCC says that when it comes to traveling, “Do a little reality-checking.”

Since there is no escaping stress, we need to find a place where we can detoxify and regain positivity. Isn’t there a more relaxing way than sitting by the beach, reading your favorite book or sipping a margarita, in the Bahamas or Maldives, maybe?


If you still didn’t know, the beach is one of the essential needs of our body. They have previously discovered that vitamin sea therapy helps in our overall health. It aids in balancing the toxicity of our hectic life and provides tranquillity.

Benefits Of Vitamin Sea Therapy:

  • Having to sit by the beach and see the beauty and vastness of pristine waters makes us realize that life is indeed beautiful, that it is a matter of directing your sight to the positivity instead of focusing on stress.

Sometimes, we are too focused on our problems that aren’t really problems. For instance, you worry about buying a big house. If you contemplate on it, it is much more of a desire than a need. People back then do not need the things you anxiously want to have.

  • Vitamin sea provides an escape from our constant worries and anxiety. Let’s face it, we are not Superman, and there is no point in believing we are. Our body has a limit, and it could only take so much stress.

“The noises — coupled with the visuals — activate your parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for slowing us down and allowing us to relax and feel more engaged.” says Sally Nazari, PsyD.

We overestimate the capability of our body and mind, and though we are naturally born to be tough and resourceful, we need to sit back and lose some unnecessary burden that we carry on our back such as our pride and desire. These two are often mistaken for needs.

  • The sea breeze and water are excellent for our health. The air is beneficial to our respiratory system and the proper amount of sunlight to our skin.

The sea breeze is indeed beneficial to our respiratory system as it contains diffused sea water brimming with iodine, magnesium, salt and other elements which are healthy for our lungs and skin as well.

  • Swimming improves our mood as it is an excellent form of physical activity. It promotes cardiovascular health as it serves as a low-impact workout which provides parallel results with other exercises.

Also, swimming correlates to healthy lungs and bone and proper circulation. It also promotes better sleep resulting in better mood and life perspective.

  • Going to the beach is more fun when you are with your favorite people. It strengthens and deepens your relationship as you make wonderful and unforgettable memories.

We often hear that memories are far better than money because you can always find a way to earn, but you can never take back time, so it is wiser to take vacations with the family and enjoy the benefits of vitamin sea than having substantial savings.


We all have different ways to get rid of stress, and luckily for most people, the Earth is 70% water, so everywhere we go, there is a place where we can indulge in the benefits of vitamin sea. We should never let ourselves drown in stress because it is a sure way to invite and nurture illnesses. Remember that Mena Charalambidis-Urban PSYD says that “Life is full of transitions.”