Top 5 Stress Relief Tips For Couples 

There are many sources of stress for couples, and it’s not always physical manifestations that can be easily identified. Most of the time, there are internal battles and thoughts we keep to ourselves that dictate how we feel, and later on, how we react. Relationships have a lot to do with understanding that we are human, and work through the issues that come with it. 

There are times when you have to slow down or take a break from the relationship. According to Bianca L. Rodriguez, LMFT, “Taking a break usually means that a couple has made a conscious decision to change their relationship status to create space to reevaluate it.” 


The goal here is to tackle these causes using different pieces of advice and by recommending various activities, with the ultimate goal of relieving stress for the couple. 


  1. Recognize The Problem 

Amidst the argument, the cold shoulder, the screaming or the general distaste, take a step back to recognize the problem. A mature relationship does not dwell on the nature of the argument, or what words were let go, but instead the desire to fix it. A couple will only know how to fix it by taking time to understand why the fight happened in the first place. 


As always, talking to each other is the most important thing to do, as much as arguments might veer the couple away from this. Try to uncover what is happening in the personal life of your partner. It could be that they are going through something, or that something upsetting happened while you weren’t around that caused them to be agitated. 


Talk it out, but at the same time know when to ask for help. There are family members, friends and therapists always available. Jeffrey Kaplan, MA, LMFT says “A therapist typically decides to work with couples not only because he or she has the skills to facilitate healthy relationships, but also because the therapist believes the couples can resolve their issues and progress to a higher level of relational satisfaction.”


  1. Create A Healthier Space

The reason why living in a healthier environment will go a long way for relieving stress for couples is that clutter is genuinely bad for your mental health. Something about seeing the mess, and living amidst it is a stressor for people. Aside from physically tidying up around the house, more aspects of it should be made healthy. 


Have healthy food more around the house and make exercise a regular couple activity. Engage in good home practices like following a schedule for doing chores, tidying up every chance there is to avoid piling up clutter, and much more. These good habits eliminate some of the things that can trigger stress like sluggishness, anxiety, and guilt, and encourage a positive aura in the home that contributes to living more stress-free. 


  1. Plan TripsAndGetaways 

How important couple vacations and getaways cannot be stressed enough. They’re genuinely fun and nourish relationships well in the long term. They give the couple something positive to look forward to, keep them preoccupied positively, and leave lasting memories. 




Some examples of things couples can do to escape are beach trips, museum hopping, visiting the national library, or visiting an old friend. There’s an endless list of activities that can keep a relationship exciting and relieve stress. 


  1. Good ForThe Soul Activities 

Sometimes, to have less stress in the relationship, it means to have an attitude change from one or both parties. Doing activities that are known to be the best for stress and anxiety relief like meditation, yoga and many more, puts the couple in a better headspace to reflect and decide to make positive changes in their lives. 


Couples can even great creative like do outdoor yoga or join a retreat. Some benefits include getting less angry, learning to understand better, and being more patient. These activities can be done as individuals or as a couple, depending on the need. 


  1. Make Love

Any married couple would attest to the importance of sex in a relationship, to maintain intimacy and reinforce the sense of relationship for the benefit of the couple in the long run. 




Read up on tips from experts and ordinary people on how to make sex a healthy part of a couple’s lives, along with all the other advice given here. Here’s to a happy, lasting relationship! 

In conclusion, remember what LeMel Firestone-Palerm, LMFT, LPCC, CGT said. She emphasized that “What if you want to ensure your commitment is in good shape and stays that way? In this case, gratitude is key, so find ways to celebrate the wonderful things about your relationship and your partner—be sure to cherish the positive.”