Top 5 Stress Coping Skills

From online counseling to screaming into a pillow, everyone has their own way to deal with stress. You wouldn’t think stress would play a massive role in our lives and yet it continues to do so each and every day. Thousands, if not millions, have stress on a daily basis and despite the fact that most are able to deal with it, some often find it’s very hard to do so. It can in a sense be difficult to cope with stress as it really digs deep and plays havoc with your sleeping patterns and even your emotions. However, there are many ways or coping mechanisms to deal with stress.


Distraction Is a Must

As strange as it sounds, you must distract the mind from thinking about what is stressing you out. If you like to exercise, why not go running when you are feeling particularly overwhelmed with stress? Alternatively, if you don’t like that idea, you could look at listening to some soothing music. There are plenty of ways to help distract your mind from the stress it’s under and sometimes it can help or allow you to cope with the stress you’ve been under. While an online therapist can be an ideal solution, some don’t really like that idea just yet.

Write Down What You Feel

A coping mechanism has to be to write a journal or diary. Every time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, it’s good to write down what you feel or what you’re thinking. This is a must and one very simple way to deal with stress. You can, in fact, keep a note of how you feel and how your feelings change also which is a good thing. Online counseling will often tell you this too.

Consider Talking To Someone

It’s hard to cope with stress and sometimes whatever you do doesn’t work. However, it might be wise to talk to someone. You can talk to a family member, a friend or even a counselor. An online therapist can be a useful person to talk to and everything you tell them is confidential too. You don’t have to visit an office; you can talk to them online instead if you feel that’s more comfortable for you at this time. There are plenty of outlets for you to talk with and you can find it helps a lot.


One of the very best ways to cope with stress has to be through meditation. When you meditate you can actually feel all the stresses and strains leave your body which is great. You can feel more relaxed and at ease with everything. This can really help you cope with stress in a more effective manner. Some online counseling outlets will say you should try meditation so that you feel comfortable and help relieve the stress.

Why Not Watch A Movie?

TV therapy can be ideal! If you want to cope with stress and put it to the back of your mind for a little while, why not watch a movie? When you watch a good movie you can feel very into it and focus on it which gives you the ability to put stress on the back of your mind. It can be very effective, to say the least, and it might just help you deal with the stresses far better. An online therapist might say the same thing so why not try it for yourself?


Cope With Stress Today

Everyone will find they have some levels of stress within their lifetime and it’s very understandable. So many little things can stress you out and as time goes by you can get to a point where you don’t know what to do. However, if you find a way to hopefully cope with stress you can feel more content with life and handle it easier. Consider online counseling to help deal with your anxieties and stresses.