Stressing Over Online Marketing? Here Are Tips To Use Pinterest Well


Do you have a lot of DIY products that you wish to share or sell to the world, but you cannot decide how to do it more effectively?

That can understandably be enough to stress you out. Imagine, you know that your creations are much better than what consumers get in the market. However, they cannot see that because you have no idea how to promote them. Worse, it’s all you might think about, preventing you from coming up with other things that people might love.

There are two paths that you may take from here on out. The first one is the slow, traditional route, which consists of opening a physical store, going to malls or parks to send out flyers, or hanging banners on the streets to advertise your products. It is known to work well for many companies in the past, so you are free to give it a shot now, too.

The second path that many entrepreneurs recommend, though, is to use Pinterest for marketing purposes. This platform is similar to Instagram, in the sense that you can share photos here. Despite that, you may see it as your digital public gallery, showroom, and whatnot.

Below are a few ideas on how to start marketing with Pinterest and stop stressing over your online presence.

1. Create A Business Account

Apart from the fact that it makes things official, a Pinterest account that is specifically for business purposes offers a lot of beneficial tools to people, which can help them raise their sales through the social media channel. Among them are Analytics (to see engagement in your profile) and Rich Pins (which allow you to add information regarding the products).


2. Generate High-Quality Images

Pinterest users ultimately visit the website because of the high-resolution pictures that can be found there. It is the reason why new entrepreneurs like yourself need to learn the right way of creating images for the site. Here are the basic rules to remember.

  • The photos have to be brighter or lighter in color.
  • They should not be blurred or lopsided.
  • The images can do much better if and when the model’s face is not showing, considering you are not selling cosmetic goods.

3. Make Them Shareable

This social networking channel lets users customize the pictures according to how they want it to appear to the consumers. You can do with or without a Rich Pin, for instance. Still, it is more advisable if you make one since it will allow the viewers to share the image on their account and become seen by their followers.


4. Connect Your Pinterest To Your Other Social Media Accounts

It does not make you greedy if you promote your new Pinterest page through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts. It makes you a smart entrepreneur because you may have friends there who do not know you’re already pinning amazing photos on Pinterest. By sharing your page on different platforms, therefore, you can get more people to check out your boards.


Once you have all the products, photos, and content ready, do everything mentioned above from top to bottom to begin marketing – and perhaps even earning – through Pinterest. Good luck!