Stress Not When It Comes To Gifting Something Special To Your 40-Year-Old Friend

While browsing for gift ideas that my mom can give to her psychologist friend who is turning 40 at the end of the month, I happened to come across this cool saying. It states that “Who can wear a bikini with a sun visor and still look good? Who can afford, and drive, a sports car without portraying a mid-life crisis? And who is old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it anyway? A 40-year-old, of course.”


It just made me smile and feel proud of those women who do not let age stop them from doing the same things that ladies in their 20s and 30s can do. After all, age is nothing but a number. There are many women who no longer think that reaching 40 years old is already the end of their happy days and that they should start doing what senior citizens do so they don’t celebrate it.

Besides, whether there’s a celebration or not, 40-year-old celebrants may still have friends who want to give them presents to make them feel loved and remembered. The only problem is that there are also friends who, like my mom, have a hard time choosing the best gift that they can bring to the party. No one can hate them for thinking that simple bouquet or a scarf or a dress will not be good enough as a birthday gift since this is technically a milestone for their gal pal.


If the celebrant is a theater or sports enthusiast, you may consider buying tickets for her to the stage play or the sports event that she wants to see the most. This is a beautiful gift that some people may oversee; that’s why you should take advantage of it. Not to mention, you will give your friend the time of her life.



On the other hand, if she is single, and you are the type of friend who wants her to have complete fun on her birthday, you can bring her and all of your other girlfriends to a bar on her special day and have wine and music overflowing all night long. Surely, if you do this, she will look at it as one of the greatest birthday gifts that she has ever received from anyone.

Personalized Jewelry

Your lady friend may be a sentimental person, so you can buy personalized jewelry that she can use every day. This can be a necklace with the names of her children and husband engraved to the pendant, a bracelet that has an embossed quote of your choice that says something about your friendship or her character or even a milestone keychain that has the gems for the years that your bond has endured.


If you think that your friend is overstressed with her work and that she needs relaxation time, you can treat her to a whole day to a spa where she can be truly pampered and rejuvenated. Alternatively, if you want to give her something more extravagant, you can give her a trip to any of the best destinations in the world.



A good friend is someone who knows when her gal pal looks under the weather and when she needs a makeover to cheer her up. Considering the celebrants seems like she requires a little pick-me-up in the beauty department, you can give her a makeover as a gift. Bring in the best stylists and – voila! – your friend will love you forever.


Moreover, if you are opting for something simple that can genuinely move her, you can buy colored paper and glue and whatever decorations you want and start making a scrapbook with all the momentous pictures that you have with her in it. Some may say that it is already an old idea, but it is your beautiful times with her that you’re going to put in it, not theirs. So, it will still come out as rare.

Final Thoughts

The gift mentioned above may have shown you some ideas on want to give to your friend. It may have also opened up your mind on the most significant things that you know can make her truly happy on her birthday. Either way, happy gifting!