How To Live Stress-Free According To Therapists


Every client who entered my therapy clinic asked me how to live stress-free. It did not matter if they came to me for help due to divorce, family issues, domestic abuse, etc. Everyone dealt with stress, and they wanted to know what they could do to make it go away.

Below are some of the things I recommended to my clients.

Limit The Frequency Of Thinking Ahead

I advocate thinking in advance as it makes it difficult for problems to catch you off-guard. I often do so regarding possible natural disasters, food shortages, and other unavoidable phenomena. However, I would not recommend thinking ahead every day since it could make you paranoid and wary of everything.

I had seen the adverse effects of this activity in one of my friends. Whenever she would have a boyfriend, she would make a list of deal-breakers and show them to the guy. Then, there would be a speech about what they should do if they felt like cheating on her.

Most boyfriends found it weird; that’s why my friend was still single at 50. That was sad, in my opinion, because it was not her choice. Still, she had to deal with the consequence of think in advance more than necessary.


Try Not To Overanalyze A Situation

Analyzing a situation is ideal because it allows you to take control of what you are dealing with. You can understand how it started and progressed, as well as how you could resolve it.

Unfortunately, whenever a situation becomes larger than life, we tend to overanalyze it. We keep on looking at the same angle and wondering why we have not come up with a solution yet. And if days passed without change, it could knock our confidence and maximize our stress level.

To keep that from happening again, I suggest thinking outside the box whenever you face a tricky situation. More importantly, please be open to resolving the matter using unconventional methods. That’s among the best ways to remain stress-free in the face of challenges.

Avoid Meddling In Other Folks’ Businesses

My dad’s eldest brother had a habit of looking at others’ problems as if they were his own. If he heard that someone was in trouble, whether they’re relatives or not, he could not rest until the issue had been resolved. More often than not, he would insert himself into the situation and try to fix everything.


I knew that my uncle’s behavior came from a place of love. His father died early, so he became the man of the house at a young age. Having such a massive responsibility early could have turned into a force of habit for him.

Everyone encouraged the man to stop meddling in other folks’ businesses since it was not ideal for his health. In truth, it’s not great for anyone of any age, especially if your life is already worry-free. Let the problematic people handle their problems instead.

Don’t Stick With A Job That You Hate.

Being a college student once upon a time, I knew what it was like to stick with a job that I did not love. I was a waitress at a local diner back then, and I dreaded every moment of it. I left my job as soon as I received my diploma from pursuing other careers that interested me.

While I managed to do so, I knew that many people stuck with a job they hated. Some feared starting over again; others felt like the least they could do was stay loyal to the company that gave them a chance. However, it usually resorted to poor performance, stress, and lack of direction in life.


If you were ever in the latter situation, please resign from your post and have the courage to veer away from your current path. You have a dream – you know what you must do to achieve it. Everything will fall into place once you unshackle yourself from your stressful job.

Be Thankful For The Blessings

I developed a habit of recounting every fantastic thing that happened to me that day. It could be as simple as beating the rush hour, getting my lunch early, or hearing a compliment about my work.

Was that too egotistical of me? I hardly thought so. I always counted my blessings because I was thankful for all of them. They kept me from having enough time to think of the things that I still did not have in life. It’s an excellent practice to keep envy at bay.

Reeling In

In all honesty, I believe that you already know the things I mentioned above even before reading this blog. Our parents or guardians taught us to be thankful, avoid being nosy, and stay happy. Despite that, everyone needs a little pick-me-up to recall what they should and should not do to live stress-free.

Good luck!