“Good” Stress Is A Good Thing!

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There is such a thing as good stress!

“I have finals this weekend, and at the same time, 2 of my old clients are waiting for their gowns to be finished. One of the evening dresses, the “serpentine” one in black needs more Swarovski crystals, and that can’t be done by a machine. I have to put it on myself. It’s not that tedious, but I also have another gown that needs tending. While the ball gown is already finished, the client wanted to loosen the petticoat inside for about 2 inches. In 2 months’ time, she got wider. These things happen, and the only way to solve it is just to do it!” – This was me a month ago when stress enveloped my being.

Marni Goldberg, LMFT, LPCC said that when you start to feel signs of anxiety, particularly physical ones, you should ask yourself the following questions: “What am I worried about right now?”

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Living in the fashion world is stress to the highest level.

This is the life of a fashion designer, I guess, and there will be more stressful situations to come. Michael Cinco didn’t get to where he is now without the stress. I’m pretty sure Coco Chanel flipped her magic wand when pressure would start to creep in. And by looking at Karl Lagerfeld – oh yeah, stress! But the classy kind-of-stress, though!

I am a very “small” time, genuinely minor and a “nobody” yet in the fashion design industry. It just so happens that I’ve been playing with my pens and crayons since the 4th grade and my first clients were relatives and close friends. They like my oversized petals and figure-hugging corsets. Now, through word of mouth, my brand is slowly gaining its name. Every week, at least one or two new clients are coming in of my “office,” aka my mother’s den. Speaking of my finals, I am still in fashion design school. I will be graduating in a few months, that is if I pass my written and my collection presentation. These are the reasons why I’m super stressed out on top dresses due to clients.

According to Casey Radle, LPC, “When we are in distress, we need something.”

How I managed my stress reactions.

My mother had to step in when she saw me sleeping 4 hours a day, barely eating and sometimes, having panic attacks. She said that all the money and the fame in the world is not sufficient if I die young due to mental health problems. My stress is bringing me down to the point that my physical health is also affected. She subjected me to online therapy since apparently, it has thousands of certified specialists in the mental health field ready to help. The website is helping countless people overcome their issues and concerns.

At first, I thought that my mom is acting all crazy, but she is my mom, and she only wants what’s best for me. I can’t forget what she said which prompted me to move on with the online consultations. She said that there is harmful stress – the kind of pressure that I am putting myself through now – and there is a good stress. The good stress is supposed to be what I am experiencing because the situation I am facing are all blessings from work, and you know what, she is right! This is supposed to be good stress since school is beneficial for me in the end and having clients is just the best, meaning all my hard work is paying off. But how do I turn it all around?

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Jeremy Savage, MA, LPC said “Mindfulness is a helpful skill to learn because it lets you observe these “uncomfortable thoughts, feelings and physical sensations without judgment.”

Therapy can help with stress.

My therapist told me about the fight-or-flight mode, and we had been working on my stressors ever since my first consultation four weeks ago. I also had to manage my time wisely and organize my day. It was vital that I slept at least 6 hours straight at night and a nap during the day. So far, I’ve been doing great! I also do yoga 30 minutes a day and I like it. Spending 10 minutes to journal my thoughts before I sleep at night is therapeutic. This positive kind of stress is growing on me, and I’ve been managing it quite well. No more haggard days and nights for me!