Counselors’ Pro Tip: 7 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling


Based on what counselors often say, being away from home evokes a sense of freedom to most people. “People need time off from work to recover from stress and prevent burnout,” based on the statement of  David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA It’s as if you can eat or do anything that comes to mind without much care in the world. Many also forget their diet and exercise routines, thinking they can accomplish both once they’re back. Richard Shuster, PsyD “Staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state.”

As tempting as that may sound, we should try not to get lured by such distractions. You may be in a different place, but the risks to your well-being still exist. That thought may even amplify them, to be honest.

Before hopping on to the vehicle that’ll take you to your holiday destination, therefore, read these seven ways to stay healthy while traveling.


1. Start With Stretches

Perform warm-up exercises before beginning your day so that the blood can freely move in your veins. A routine that covers your head, shoulders, arms, legs, and feet can keep your muscles from tiring out quickly.

2. Go For Healthy Food Options

Every time you’re not busy touring the place, make sure to cook your food. Although all you may want to do is relax and sample the specialty of the restaurants there, you need to do that to be able to choose the ingredients you’ll consume.  Considering you no longer have the energy to prepare a meal, then order more greens than meat. Luckily, there are franchises now that offer such varieties everywhere. They’re not as common as McDonald’s, yet you may stumble upon one in each block. Mandy Rubin, LPC says “Malnutrition could also lead to stress and concentration problems.”

3. Be Wary Of Ultraviolet Rays

Once you find various tourist hotspots, you may not mind being under the sun all day long. However, you should look into lathering your skin with cream that has a high SPF value. That will prevent you from soaking up the harmful UVAs and UVBs, which can cause many types of diseases.

Begin with a body lotion. It is very relevant, especially when your arms, legs, and other parts are exposed to sunlight. Even if your goal is to get a nice tan, a sunscreen can stop your skin from burning. As for your face, opt for moisturizers or lip balms that contain SPF too.

4. Remain Hydrated

Whether you travel for work or relaxation, chances are, you’ll always be on the move. When you have friends living in that place, they’ll want to tour you around as well. Though these are exciting adventures, it’s impossible to survive the day without proper hydration.

What you can do is fill an insulated tumbler so that you have cold water wherever you go. You don’t need to chug that – leave space for food – but your body can function better with enough fluid in it.

5. Carry Hygienic Items

The top items to stash in the bag are your toothbrush and toothpaste. This combination ascertains that you can maintain with your oral and dental health regardless of the location. There are comfort rooms in establishments where you may brush your pearly whites; that’s why cleaning them won’t be a problem. If you cannot do that, you can always bring a travel-sized mouthwash.

Furthermore, you should have a hand sanitizer and wet wipes. In this manner, you’ll get to clean the handles on the bus or train before holding on to them. You may also carry disinfecting wipes to scrub any table or chair that you want to use.

Some may lift an eyebrow when they notice you doing these, yet pay those people no mind. After all, you can’t be sure of what kind of bacteria already latched on such objects.

6. Prioritize Physical Activities

You surely can’t spend hours in the gym when there are so many areas in town for you to explore. Despite that, remember that fitness does not need to stop within this room. You are free to exercise even when you intend to do other stuff.

Walking through the city is the easiest way for you to workout. Instead of hailing a cab to go to a restaurant that’s several kilometers away, walk towards it. In case your destination is a bit farther than that, you may rent a bicycle. A lot of folks in the metro do that these days to get rid of traffic. Not only will you be able to reach different locations without hassle, but you can also exercise your lower body and cardiovascular muscles.

Traveling to a tropical area, on the other hand, most likely ensures you’re going to sweat throughout your vacation. Nevertheless, to keep your muscles working, find a beach where you can swim, snorkel, dive or row.

Likewise, being in a winter wonderland is not a valid excuse to stop thinking about your fitness. With your perfect snowmobile goggle and perhaps shoes for plantar fasciitis on, hit a ski resort during your downtime. This way, you’ll be able to ride a sled, a snowboard, or skis and sweat through it all.

7. Sleep As Much As Possible

Going from one spot to another, even though you’re only a passenger, is exhausting. Your mind and body cannot function well together in that case, no matter how much you want to sightsee.
The best thing you can do is to sleep whenever you get the opportunity. That will give your system all the rest it needs. Assuming you don’t have a tight schedule the next day, you may forget setting the alarm too.


Final Thoughts

The list above shows you the various ways to stay healthy while traveling. In case you’ve already been doing some of them, that’s fantastic. However, you can still benefit more from remembering all the tips from 1 to 7 anywhere you’re headed.

Your “mind” can also travel virtually. Talk to a specialist through BetterHelp, and learn more on how counseling and therapy can help you.

Good luck!