All The Possible Sources of Relationship Stress 


It may have felt like the best feeling in the world at the start, but every relationship usually goes through the phases of problems whether couples like it or not. However, problems and issues that always pop out and occupy each partner’s minds will result in relationship stress and are deemed unhealthy if left unresolved. 

 According to Simon Rego, PsyD, “We also know that the brain is very complex, so that many different neurotransmitters or ‘brain chemicals play a role in influencing, and being influenced by, our emotions.”



If you’re having this kind of confusion in your relationship, then check out all these sources of stress that are possibly hindering you and your partner’s healthy romance. 


Financial Issues 

While money is a sensitive talk among people especially between a couple, financial experts still regard ignorance of money issues to be one of the leading culprits of stress in a relationship. Real couple accounts agree to this, and even they are suggesting that money should be talked about during the early phases of the relationship. 





As a relationship goes deeper and deeper, couples will eventually share things – from basic household items to investments for the future. Thus, money will be significantly involved. Problems with finances, however, rise among partners if their perspectives are not considered by each other. Experts tell that women view money as security, while men take it as an indicator of self-esteem. Understanding each view is vital to set rules and limitations when it comes to joint spending and saving. 


Trust Issues 

It’s okay not to place too much confidence in your partner as a way of keeping your heart safe should things don’t go well. However, excessive mistrust may change the way your partner feel about your relationship. Too much lack of confidence in your romance may affect both your behavior and relationship with other people. 


Not having enough confidence in your partner is serious relationship stress in itself as your mind wanders and thoughts race every time your partner is not with you. Loss of physical intimacy may disappear, and irritable confrontation from having too much of this so-called trust issue can be damaging to both of you. 


Communication Problems 

Lack of communication can bring a lot of misunderstanding between partners.  Ignorance and inability to listen to each other’s feelings and opinions are also major factors significantly causing stress and strain in your relationship. 


Communication issues between the two of you may also stem from poor time management skills. Allot some time for you and your partner to talk about even the basics – the usual how are you, how was work, what are your plans, etc. Most importantly, tell your partner how much you love him/her, no matter how obvious it may be. 


Do not get distracted with your work, business or even social media accounts. According to Rachel O’Neill, Ph.D. LPCC-S, “It’s hard to step away from the constant cycle of news,” O’Neill said. “Whether you’re watching one of the 24 hour news channels on TV or you’re scrolling through one of the social media sites.” However, you have no choice but to do it.



The tension in a relationship can start from criticizing your partner. Comparing your partner or your relationship with others is not healthy and can be damaging to one’s mentality. Couples should be sensitive enough to their partner’s feelings. Keeping positive vibes and maintaining a positive outlook between you and your partner have long been identified as a solid foundation to make your relationship last longer. 


Physical Health 

Ignoring oneself can also affect your relationship. Being too conscious of your body by eating less, working overtime, and sleeping late most of the time can bring serious problems to your mental health and the way you cope with stress and tension. Learn to take care of you and your partner’s physical aspect by starting to manage the food you eat and your habits. 




You and your partner may not notice that these factors are slowly eating your relationship and affect both your daily lives. It is essential that the above aspects and prospects are known so as it may pave the way to fix the causes of whatever it may be that is bugging both of you now. Practice open communication and start discussing this relationship stress for a happier, healthier and lasting relationship. 

You can also try to go to therapy sessions. At the same time, downloading mental health-related apps can also be a good option. According to Sal Raichbach, PsyD, LCSW, “such apps have the potential to reach people who would otherwise not receive help by removing the barriers to treatment.”