How To Achieve Work-Life Balance


A lot of stress roots from juggling work, personal and family life. It is like waking up every day being bombarded with tasks to accomplish, household chores that pile up, bills to pay and necessary appointments that should be done. Just the thought of it is extremely overwhelming already. Actually, we do not hate Mondays or our jobs. We hate the idea of not being able to control the time when should we do things, the lack of freedom frustrate us.

Some people including the popular behaviors of millennials complaining a lot and with lower tolerance when it comes to these things arise. Is it really possible to gain work-life balance? How do we achieve it? Dr. Robert Navarra, LMFT asks this important question: “How can we possibly create a plan to balance work with relationships, personal time, and the unexpected things that inevitably happen at the worst times?”

Setting your priorities are significant

If your priorities are clear to you, it is easier to make decisions when it comes to what needs to be done first or what should I choose. For example, if your priority is having enough fund to go on a long vacation. You make sure you stick to your budget so you can save up for the trip. You make the necessary adjustments that even if you will not have a job for quite some time, you still have enough funds including in periods of unexpected circumstances or emergency situations.

Rachel Harder, M.A., LMFT-C asks Certainly, it’s positive to derive satisfaction from your work, but what are your priorities in the “big picture?”

Follow your passion and set up a passive income source

It is believed that if you choose a career that you are passionate about, it doesn’t feel like working on a day of your life. We know for a fact that passion alone doesn’t pay the bills. A lot of artists starve and suffer initially because they do not have a consistent source of income before they are able to establish themselves. But by beginning with the end in mind, they were able to surpass those challenges because they are passionate about their craft. Proper preparation is also a helpful recipe when you have the strong will in pursuing your passion.


Look for companies that are employee-centered

For the last few years, statistics of people dying from extreme stress and being overworked were rampant. From then on, more and more companies these days offer a work-life balance strategy. They do not focus on huge compensation alone. Part of the benefits they offer is flexible time schedule. Freelance jobs are also becoming a trend.

Organizing schedule, to-do list, and reminders

Plan what do you want to achieve in the next few years. Every day remind yourself of that goal. Keep a journal of your progress and celebrate little steps you made. Participate in hobbies that are stress-reducing such as gardening, involve in sports or activities that you enjoy. Consider these activities as your breather from the hustle and bustle of your adult life.


Work-life balance is no longer an absurd idea. Online therapists can help you if you are having trouble with stress management. Online therapy provides tips and resources that are helpful for you to be able to gain control over the daily demands. It is vital to acknowledge the presence of stress and overcome this as it has detrimental effects on both the physical well being and psychological health of individuals.

Here’s an important tip that you have to remember from Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill, Ed.S., LMFT: “Build into your workspace a way to work out while you work.”