7 Laws Of Prosperity That May Bring You Out Of Stress-Induced Misery

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When you feel mentally troubled by the excessive amount of stress that you acquire every single day, you may already be giving therapy a thought. For any psychological issue, after all, many people believe that a licensed counselor can help them get peace of mind. Hence, they tend to expect that attending a few sessions with one may resolve the problem.

The thing is, even the reliable therapists out there know that the only person who is most effective at getting you out of your stress-induced misery is yourself. Although they studied psychology or psychiatry for years and gained multiple certifications along the way, they merely have the knowledge to guide you on what to do. It is not their job to solve your issues on your behalf because that will make you dependent on them and prevent you from sorting out your battles on your own.

While you are receiving guidance from a counselor, therefore, it will not hurt to add the seven spiritual laws of prosperity to the things you should remember.

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Law Of Vacuum

The vacuum law entails that you can treat your mind like a vacuum machine that can only suck in all the good things in your environment. We are talking about happiness, excitement, success, fulfillment, and so much more, which you might miss when stress reigns in your system.

Law Of Circulation

This law is applicable for the people who love to hoard stuff, and then get miserable when their space becomes extremely messy.

In reality, your stress level may go down once you stop keeping things longer than you should. Instead of worrying about your full closet, for instance, you should remove the clothes that no longer fit and think of who you can give those to. If there are accessories that seem impressive together, find a way to recycle them. Doing so will prevent you from worrying about money and life in general.

Law Of Ideas

Are you stressing over the fact that you have the same job for years now, but that is not even the position that you have been dreaming of?

What you may be lacking at this point are ideas. Once you are in the real world, you cannot honestly rise through the ranks with hopes and promises alone. You ought to back those up with bright ideas regarding the contribution you can make for the industry or society. That’s one of the surefire ways for you to succeed.

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Jenev Caddell, PsyD says “One of the best tools to practice staying present is mindfulness. Mindfulness is essentially an accepting, open, non-judgmental and curious focus on one’s emotional, cognitive and sensory experience in the present moment.”

Law Of Tithing

Considering you are a regular church-goer, you may have heard of tithing – the act of offering a tenth of your income to the church. Some folks might raise their brows upon hearing that. Others may give a small amount, but rarely ten percent of their earning.

What the law of tithing says, though, is that the money you will provide may come back to you in kind. For instance, you might come across a new partner in life, or your boss promotes you at work. Whereas it’s impossible to determine the favor you will get in return; you can be sure that excellent news will come over time.

Imagining Law

With this particular law, the guiding thought is that you can achieve everything you want as long as you imagine it. E.g., fame, money, love, family, contentment, and many more. When you have that vivid picture in your head, after all, you will eventually be able to map out the steps required to turn it into reality.

Blake Griffin Edwards, LMFT says “The need for a reason [to be happy] is similar in another specifically human phenomenon—laughter. If you want anyone to laugh you have to provide him with a reason.”

Law Of Reciprocity

Being too generous to other people may sometimes stress you out as well, especially if end up needing their help and you don’t know who’s willing to lend a hand. In that instance, you might start wondering whether what you’re doing is worth it or you have to reduce your kindness.

Based on the law of reciprocity, though, try to remember that even if the individuals around you may not return your generosity, the university will give back to you in various ways. Thus, avoid thinking that you should not be doing this or that for others because they do nothing for you.

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Law Of Forgiveness

Finally, this rule states that you need to let go of your resentment, thoughts of revenge, and negative feelings to be able to free yourself from the awful situations you have experienced. Some victims of fake news or real violence, after all, tend to use what happened as the “reason” why they cannot move on, which is not okay. By continuing on that path, you are merely allowing the offender to terrorize you.

The day you can start applying the laws mentioned above to your daily life is the day when you might find yourself less affected by stress-inducing circumstances than ever. You can also try going to therapy sessions. According to Scott Bea, PsyD,  “Commitment is an important part of any psychotherapy. Empathy can be a private, positive, and restful action.”

Good luck!