6 Ways To Free Your Mind From Stress

source: globalnews.ca

Life will be boring if you don’t have the opportunity to handle stressful situations. I am not saying that you should be stressed out all the time. What I’m getting at is that you should know your limit and push yourself to overcome a stressful position. Why? This will show how strong you are as a person and how your mind will work to find ways in circumventing a problem even if it poses certain stressful issues.

Anyhow, if you find yourself in a stressful circumstance, there are ways to free your mind from it.

Talk to someone.

If you can afford it, you can always talk to a licensed specialist. Type on your search browser – therapist near me – and you will see a list of potential and certified counselors in your area to assist you with “talking”. It is a form of release and if you are stressed out, all you need to do is vent and your therapist will listen. He will also provide you some helpful suggestions to de-stress.

“By looking backward, one can better understand their present and make positive changes for the future,” said Emily Griffiths, LPC.

Reading can help.

If you’re stressed out, your mind is all fired up. To achieve peace inside your head, try reading a book. Pick up a copy of any classic best seller and just relax. Read the words one by one until you are calm. Who knows, you might enjoy this activity and do it regularly, even if you’re not stressed anymore.


Journaling can also do wonders.

You don’t want to talk to a therapist and you are not fond of reading books. If that is the case, then, you can try journaling. For many, journaling can make people feel so much better. Write all the things that make you stressed out and after that, weigh yourself. Stress will be out of the window after jotting down your thoughts and feelings.


source: gwensmith.net

In an interview of Kathleen (Kay) Adams, LPC, she mentioned that “I learned very quickly that I could soothe myself with my writing by telling myself my deepest secrets, concerns, and fears, and then give myself comfort.”

Work out your stress.

Literally. You can de-stress by sweating out in the gym. If you are not a gym rat, then, do something else as long as you’re releasing endorphins. If you exercise, hormones called endorphins are produced and these are the “happy” hormones. So, walk, jog, dance, lift weights, do yoga, or swim – it doesn’t matter what kind of physical activity you do as long as you are “working out” your stress. (Daily exercise is also very healthy for the mind and body.)

Take note that Carolyn Mehlomakulu, LMFT-S, ATR-BC said “Being creative helps to engage our minds in a positive, fulfilling activity,”

Meditate to achieve calmness.

It is true that once you close your eyes and focus on your breathing, your mood becomes better. This is one form of meditation and you can do it anytime and anywhere. You don’t have to be inside a yoga center or be at the top of a mountain to meditate. Just find your quite space and slowly breathe in and breathe out through your nose. It will instantly lift you up and wash your stress away.


Regulate your gadget use.

Study shows that your mobile phones, computers and other technological devices can stress you out. So, to eliminate the stress from your life, regulate the use of gadgets. People from the sixties and seventies have lived eventfully without iPhones and Androids. Find something enriching to do with your time after playing with your gadgets. For sure, it will lessen the stress in your system.