6 De-Stressing Activities To Enjoy With Your Partner Today 

Being in a relationship is a very special experience. However, due to chaos in society, stress has become inevitable for everyone. Having a healthy lifestyle is even more important now, including personal holistic health and working on your relationships. According to licensed clinical social worker Jody Ford, “stress impacts our love relationships more than we are aware of or acknowledge.” 


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Stress is all around us–at work, at home, at school, maybe even at your local grocery store that has incomplete inventory. Because stress is unavoidable, the best solution is to accept it and help reduce stress levels by employing fun and stress-relieving activities. According to Dr. David Ballard, PSyD, ““When stress becomes chronic, this narrow focus continues for a long time and we have difficulty paying attention to other things.” There are a lot of stress-relieving activities that you and your loved one can do together. Below are six de-stressing activities you can enjoy with your partner today: 


  • Workout Together 

Doing physical activities is a great way to relieve stress. Engaging in blood-pumping exercise releases endorphins, which are hormones responsible for promoting good sleep and reducing stress. More so, there are different types of exercises you and your loved one can try even at the comforts of your own home. 


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  • Have A Quiet Dinner At Home 

Enjoy a home-cooked dinner without bringing your mobile phones and other devices on the table. The distractions provided by your devices can affect how you enjoy your meal. Without the presence of mobile phones and other devices, you and your loved one can enjoy an intimate dinner and reconnect with great conversation and quality time together. 


Tip from LeMel Firestone-Palerm, LMFT, LPCC, CGT: Beware of trashing your partner (with others or in your thoughts), avoid making negative comparisons of your partner with others, or nurturing resentments.


  • Play Some Board Games 

Put the board games out of the cupboard! Playing board games for a couple of hours is a great way to reduce stress and have fun with your partner. Connect and have quality time with your loved one by playing board games together. You can have an easy conversation while playing, and you can also laugh at each other’s funny moments during the game. 


  • Schedule A Staycation 

A vacation doesn’t have to be grand and done in the neighboring city or country. Most people think that a luxurious vacation is always a solution to forgetting stress for a while. In fact, there are some things you can explore right in your own town or city. Because a grand trip isn’t always possible, trying something new right in your own town or city can be a great way to reduce stress together. 


  • Have A Couples Massage 

Massages are a great way to relax your body and reduce stress levels. Doing it with your partner beside you can be a great way to relax together. A couples massage is a great way to relax and connect with your loved one. Forget the stresses of your days for a while and focus on relaxing with your partner.  


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  • Take A Long Walk Together 

Being in nature has a great effect on relaxing our minds and reducing stress levels. It’s also a great way to get the blood pumping in your body. Going for a walk together is a great way to improve you and your loved one’s moods. This is a great way to have quality time together and have a great conversation without the constant buzz of other distractions. 


You can also try couples therapy together. According to Margaret Wehrenberg, PsyD, “Psychotherapy can help sort out the cause, and that leads to the most effective treatment plan.”