5 Secrets To Stress Free Living


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To live a stress-free life, the first thing is to accept that you have stress and be willing to be free from it.

Stress can be masked with super fast – acting medication, but this fails to address the root cause of stress or answer the question of why it is in your life in the first place. The more stress is masked this way, the more likely it is that the question of why you “do” stress will remain unaddressed. One of the mantras that has always been useful in this regard is — the more you avoid something, the more you will face it on your journey.

The 5 mantras to a stress-free life

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  1. Address the root cause — It is difficult to stop someone who is perfectly well creating the impression that they have an “illness” and being prescribed a wonder pill to mask the issue. Obviously, this is unlikely to be the case when someone clearly has an injury or another physical issue, but in the case of mental issues, things are not always so clear and require an investigation to the root cause of the problem. Unless you address the original cause, any action you take would simply mask the stress and keep increasing it. Knowing what is causing you the stress and accepting it, makes the whole picture clear and requires least effort to get over it.
  2. Take a walk — A simple and motivational way to release stress is to try a walking exercise and include it in your daily schedule. All you need is a walking route that measures 800 meters (half a mile). You can record the time you take to complete the walk and improvise on it. Simply walk the route, feel the air around you and free your mind from the worries.
  3. Exercise daily — There are proven health risks of stress including heart diseases (more common in men), a rise in blood pressure, blood vessel damage, increased fat molecules, etc. Cast your mind on the proven benefits of exercise and choose a workout schedule suited to your lifestyle. You can consult a health professional for this. Getting into an exercise habit is easier and once you see the feel good factors, you will gain the motivation to continue it.
  4. Eat right — Stress induces unhealthy eating habits and vice versa. To have the right diet is very essential ingredient for a stress-free life. Take the help of a nutritionist to frame a healthy diet chart or seek help otherwise. A healthy diet should be fueled with a balance of all the essential nutrients the body needs — proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and vitamins. The food hierarchy is divided into 6 categories with grains at the base followed by fruits and vegetables, meats and pulses, dairy foods, fats. The hierarchy is a guide to the importance each ingredient has; food grains have the highest nutritional value while fats are the lowest. A healthy diet also includes a proper hydration level as water is very essential for a human body. Aim to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day. After all, to have a healthy mind, it is essential to have a healthy body.
  5. Laugh out — It is an established fact that laughing your heart out is a great medicine to reduce stress. Having a laugh about things or being able to see the funny side is not only helpful to release pent-up tension and anxiety, it also reduces the levels of stress hormones and helps to manage the emotional pain.


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We are not in control of the stressors life puts in our ways, but the amount of stress we do is definitely in our hands. Choose to be happy. Stress less and live free.