How Blogging Can Be A Form Of Therapy To Relieve Stress


As opposed to what most people think, blogs are not only for commercial purposes. Other than being a platform for building your business brand or as a way of making money from promoting, reviewing, and advertising different products, blogging can also be a form of treatment or therapy for troubled and stressed minds.

Whether it is an exhausted mind from the things you deem you cannot control or even an unusual blue feeling from lots of pending work, blogging can be therapeutic in a lot of ways. No, it is not maintenance-heavy. It can provide you with the following:

  1. You Make Your Own Rules

Remember that in your blog, there are no boundaries and no limitations. You can write whatever you feel, whatever you want to say, whatever you wish to think without anyone restricting you to do so.


As your own boss to your own space, having the freedom to write anything is relaxing and stress-relieving. Blogging acts like someone you can share the burden with. You can flow all your problems from your body and mind to your blog without any consequences. Furthermore, writing your problems and issues can make you focus and think of the possible solutions in an organized manner.

  1. It Can Lead To Personality Development

Blogging is your own stage and a platform to express yourself. Most of the time, you will feel the need to elaborate things that you specifically write if it’s an issue or a problem you are facing. As a result, it will deepen your opinions, and you will grow more critical about the possible scenarios in your life.

Moreover, talking to yourself about any topic that you want or comfortable writing about is an excellent avenue to hone your communication skills. Blogging is an effective activity not just to release stress but to unleash your creativity and thought-organization skills.

Blogging can also make you active on social media, which can help in improving your mood. According to Stephanie Smith, PsyD, “Social media can be a good adjunct to treatment, but not necessarily a replacement.”

  1. You Can Find Great Support From Visitors And Commenters

A lot of people who turned to blogging as a form of escape from reality have found a lot of positivity from their audience and commenters. If you think that there are lots of negativity from every aspect of your life, you would be surprised by the positive vibes and words of encouragement from those who comment on your blog.


Some studies have shown that the online community has significantly improved the way people look at their problems after they post it on their own blogs and allow their audience to comment on them. As opposed to the traditional diary, blogging opens the blogger or writer to the outpouring support from online groups and people that share their own experiences and give advice to troubled and stressed minds.

Similar to a counselor, blogging encourages you to open up and express your feelings freely, completely, and honestly. It is also an outlet for people to connect with each other as if in group therapy. With this, it is indeed a common misconception that blogging equates to profit and to an income-generating hobby that needs a lot of attention and demands many hours of writing.

Bonus tip from Shelby Harris, PsyD, “We encourage people to make their bedroom a sanctuary for sleep.”