How To Be Good At Stress Management

Did you know that you have absolute control over the stressors in your life? Are you aware that there are so many things that you can do to combat stress? When you allow stress to overpower you, there is a high tendency that everything in your life will start to crumble down.

Being stressed can affect your relationships with other people. At the same time, it can also lead to loss of focus making you incompetent in everything you do.


We are going to provide you some tips and tricks on how you can be good at stress management. Before we start enumerating the guidelines, it is imperative to note that different people deal differently with stress. Not everyone can deal with stress in just one particular method. Knowing this is important to avoid feeling frustrated easily whenever you find it difficult to manage stress.

Learn how to use a journal.

It can be therapeutic to take a break from everything that is going on with your life. Try to become more aware of what you are feeling by writing your emotions down. Keep a journal wherein you will jot down the things that confuse you. Your notes will help you identify the stressors that are making you feel uncomfortable and sad for some days.


Be vocal about what you honestly feel.

One of the common reasons for stress is the failure to make other people know how you feel about them. If you are happy with your relationship or communication with someone, make sure that the other person knows about it.

On the other hand, if you are upset with a friend or a co-worker, do not hesitate to open up to that person. There is so much relief in releasing your thoughts and feelings all the time than compounding it and keeping it to yourself.

Maria Basualdo, MS, BA (Hons), LMHC said “Keep in mind, the higher the self-understanding, the lower the anxiety.”

 Use meditation to help you feel better.

Meditation is an excellent technique to help you become more focused on the present. It can be relaxing to the mind and soul as you learn how to control your breathing. At the same time, it is also an excellent way to enjoy the peace and calmness that you deserve. Meditation is an efficient way of instantly removing stressors in your life.


Chantal Marie Gagnon, PhD, LMHC suggests “Learn to identify the thoughts that increase your anxiety and your self-doubt.”

Get more physical.

A regular exercise can do a lot of wonders in your mind and body too. As you become physically active, you are giving yourself an opportunity to forget about problems, challenges, and difficulties in your life. You can start simple such as doing morning walks during the weekends. Once you continuously do this, you will begin to feel more empowered in taking charge of your life.

Listen to other people.

Sometimes, all it takes to remove your stress away is a good talk with a loved one. Ask for some advice from a partner, parent or friend on how you can deal with the things that are making you feel down or stressed.

Always listen to their suggestions or recommendations. Do not try to shut them away whenever they want to render some help or assistance. Still, keep in mind that facing stressors in life with someone close to your heart is a rare gift.

Tip: “Make time to exercise. Read that great book you have been putting off, and give yourself permission to finish it!” – Richard P. White, MA, LMHC