How To Deal With A Difficult Partner



Each one of us is truly unique and we all have our flaws. Unfortunately, we are all not perfect. Each person is different. Imagine a world where we are all the same, we think alike, like the same things etc. Wouldn’t that be boring? If your partner is difficult, that’s just one of their flaws and you need to live with it and accept it. We love our partners with their perfections and imperfections, too.


I understand that it’s extremely challenging to deal with a difficult partner but is not impossible. Any relationship requires hard work and effort. Whether your partner refuses to listen to you or they just cannot compromise, read on for our tips on how to deal with your partner:

Respect Your Partner and Ask for the Same in Return

Just as much as you need to respect them, they need to respect you as well. You need to make this clear with your partner. They need to respect your feelings, thoughts and wishes.

Don’t Interrupt Your Partner When They Are Speaking or Making Their Point


Dealing with a difficult partner is no easy task. However, they have the right to speak and voice their opinions. When they are speaking to you, do not interrupt. First let them make their point, even if you disagree with it. Once they are done, then you can share your point of view and when doing so, make sure you give them all your reasons and explain your point.


Be Patient

I understand that this a quality that some people don’t have. There’s nothing wrong with it. However, when dealing with a difficult partner, the only way to probably deal with them is to have patience. As they say, patience is the key to any successful relationship. So, try it out and it will definitely work!


Laugh and Be Jolly with Your Loved One


By doing this, it could be a weapon to break through your partners difficult partner. By making them happy and laughing with them, it will make them happy and this could help them with making a change for the better.


How to Handle a Partner That Belittles You and Criticizes You:

Any human being would not take kindly to this and it will hurt anyone. The only way to deal with this, is to simply let it go and not to let it bother you. Not so easy as it sounds? Think of it this way: this is your life and you should not let anything get you down or make feel inferior – yes, even if it’s your other half. When they are calm and happy, you should also talk to them about this. Make it clear that you don’t point out their faults or criticize them. Ask them to politely tell you if you are doing something which they don’t like or approve of.


Write a Letter to Your Loved One

Sometimes we don’t really express our feelings by talking. So, writing a letter solves this problem. It allows you to express your feelings and make your partner understand. Also, by writing a letter, you could also be avoiding a nasty argument or disagreement.


Communicate with Each Other


Communications is an important part of marriage. Approach the situation in a positive and diplomatic manner. This will show your partner that you are willing to listen and compromise.


Never Ever Give Up!

Need I say more? Don’t let this quality of your partners separate the two of you. Keep trying and as time goes by, things will work out. With effort, love, understanding and some hard work; your marriage will last and you can live a happy life with your partner.