Cope With Stress Fast!


I learned so much from the 2017 Stress Management Seminar and the notes that I got from it, which I keep close to my heart. So many people disregard this mental health issue like how they have disregarded Covid-19. And now, see the reality – Covid-19 has been declared a pandemic because of how fast it grew and how it has affected people globally in such a short time.

If you take a closer look, though, stress is also a “pandemic.” 3.6% of adults in the US have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. And 50% of them are not doing anything about it. They do not even know that they have a mental health issue. These people with conditions just go out in the world, deal with their daily lives as if they are 100% mentally fit. And with the lockdown going on today due to Covid-19, people with existing and untreated mental health challenges are even more susceptible to experiencing depression and anxiety. Comorbidity, at its worst during this time, is steadily rising. So, how do we cope?


During the stress management seminar that I attended in 2017, my notes revealed that if you can cope with stress using non-medical ways, then, it will be for your benefit. As much as possible, one must handle stress in natural methods. While a prescription is available for people with mental health issues like depression and anxiety, those with extreme stress disorder are given serotonergic antidepressants. These are meds prescribed for people with depression issues.

Do we want to take meds? If the stress is unmanageable and natural ways just cannot alleviate the mental health issue, then it is the best recourse. If you feel that your stress is too much and that you cannot achieve calmness even after the breathing technique, you must go to your doctor immediately. Treat your extreme stress problems aggressively, like how wise people treat Covid-19. So many disregard the issue of mental health since there is a stigma attached to it. So, think of it this way. Mental health is the fuel behind a person’s drive to live life. If mental health is in peril, one’s life is also in jeopardy.