Role of Meditation In Reducing Stress

The mind has exactly the same power as hands; not merely to grasp the world, but to change it.”                                                      

Stress disrupts the mind-body relation. Our body releases stress hormones in response to the different stresses we face. The hormones released affects us physically and emotionally which is why prolonged stress weakens immune system and make us hyper sensitive. Meditation is perhaps the best way to re-establish the mind-body connection. Alex Michaud, LPC says “Don’t be mindful just to relax, be mindful to experience the life you’re actually living.

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5 Secrets To Stress Free Living




To live a stress-free life, the first thing is to accept that you have stress and be willing to be free from it.

Stress can be masked with super fast – acting medication, but this fails to address the root cause of stress or answer the question of why it is in your life in the first place. The more stress is masked this way, the more likely it is that the question of why you “do” stress will remain unaddressed. One of the mantras that has always been useful in this regard is — the more you avoid something, the more you will face it on your journey.
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5 Mindfulness Exercises To Reduce Stress




Stress is the way we think, not the way we are

It has been scientifically proven that stress, unless managed in an appropriate way, can affect all aspects of our life — our thoughts, mood, emotions and behavior. However, eliminating stress totally, is an Utopian goal. There will be some or the other stress at all points, in all ages.

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Effective Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

Anyone who has or had a job, have experienced work stress at some point or the other.  The American Psychological Association (APA) estimated that 66% of the working population undergo work stress and only 36% of them choose to seek help. According to Scott Fantucchio, LMHC, “Giving in to our negative thoughts and behaviors and repeating them over and over.”

From immediate to long standing, job stress can affect our body and psyche to huge extent.


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5 Facts About Stress



Each of us has been affected by stress. With the environment and the stressors all around us – exercise, work, school, and life changes – stress is inevitable. It is the way our body naturally reacts to change. But the way we handle that stress directly influences its impact on us, which is why you need to know how to handle small or large stress events to be able to ask for help.

According to Joseph Rock, PsyD, “When stress starts to grow beyond work – it begins to affect our overall health, both mentally and physically.”

The ability to handle stress will spell the difference between overcoming it successfully or caving in to negative diversions like binge-eating turning into food addiction, alcoholism, or substance abuse. This will make it worse because you now have to deal with stress and at the same time,  seek help for addiction.

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How To Deal With A Difficult Partner



Each one of us is truly unique and we all have our flaws. Unfortunately, we are all not perfect. Each person is different. Imagine a world where we are all the same, we think alike, like the same things etc. Wouldn’t that be boring? If your partner is difficult, that’s just one of their flaws and you need to live with it and accept it. We love our partners with their perfections and imperfections, too.


I understand that it’s extremely challenging to deal with a difficult partner but is not impossible. Any relationship requires hard work and effort. Whether your partner refuses to listen to you or they just cannot compromise, read on for our tips on how to deal with your partner:

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Top 5 Stress Coping Skills


From online counseling to screaming into a pillow, everyone has their own way to deal with stress. You wouldn’t think stress would play a massive role in our lives and yet it continues to do so each and every day. Thousands, if not millions, have stress on a daily basis and despite the fact that most are able to deal with it, some often find it’s very hard to do so. It can in a sense be difficult to cope with stress as it really digs deep and plays havoc with your sleeping patterns and even your emotions. However, there are many ways or coping mechanisms to deal with stress.


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Stress over the Holidays

stress people

When people are stressed, they get angry and often ask how to control anger. It’s hard to overcome stress because it’s a huge part of life and more and more are finding they have serious issues with it. For some, stress is a small part of their day and that when they get to work and get through the day it’s gone. Unfortunately, for many others, stress stays with them all the time and it’s a nightmare to overcome because it’s so powerful. One of the worst times for stress to form is during the holiday period. However, is there a way to stop stress from taking over and can you really beat it?

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Why Do We Get Stressed?

Any little thing can cause stress. At work, you might find you’re under a lot of pressure to meet a deadline and that can bring on stress. You could also find your situation at home might bring on stress too if you’re having difficulty with a partner or a family member. It doesn’t have to be a big issue or worry that causes someone to get stressed it can, in fact, be something very small and often trivial! In modern times, more are stressing out and it has led more looking into free online counseling. This can often help in a way and it’s really a good avenue to explore.

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Dealing With Daily Stress


Do you need to take a depression test? Right now, there are millions dealing with stress and for the most part, they are able to handle it with some ease – luckily for them. However, there are also many millions of people who find dealing with daily stress to be extremely difficult and life-changing. It’s utterly bewildering but some people find their stress turns into depression and it really changes their lives in a big way. Is it possible to avoid depression through stress and how can you deal with daily stress?


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