Stressing Over Online Marketing? Here Are Tips To Use Pinterest Well


Do you have a lot of DIY products that you wish to share or sell to the world, but you cannot decide how to do it more effectively?

That can understandably be enough to stress you out. Imagine, you know that your creations are much better than what consumers get in the market. However, they cannot see that because you have no idea how to promote them. Worse, it’s all you might think about, preventing you from coming up with other things that people might love.

There are two paths that you may take from here on out. The first one is the slow, traditional route, which consists of opening a physical store, going to malls or parks to send out flyers, or hanging banners on the streets to advertise your products. It is known to work well for many companies in the past, so you are free to give it a shot now, too.

The second path that many entrepreneurs recommend, though, is to use Pinterest for marketing purposes. This platform is similar to Instagram, in the sense that you can share photos here. Despite that, you may see it as your digital public gallery, showroom, and whatnot.

Below are a few ideas on how to start marketing with Pinterest and stop stressing over your online presence.

1. Create A Business Account

Apart from the fact that it makes things official, a Pinterest account that is specifically for business purposes offers a lot of beneficial tools to people, which can help them raise their sales through the social media channel. Among them are Analytics (to see engagement in your profile) and Rich Pins (which allow you to add information regarding the products).


2. Generate High-Quality Images

Pinterest users ultimately visit the website because of the high-resolution pictures that can be found there. It is the reason why new entrepreneurs like yourself need to learn the right way of creating images for the site. Here are the basic rules to remember.

  • The photos have to be brighter or lighter in color.
  • They should not be blurred or lopsided.
  • The images can do much better if and when the model’s face is not showing, considering you are not selling cosmetic goods.

3. Make Them Shareable

This social networking channel lets users customize the pictures according to how they want it to appear to the consumers. You can do with or without a Rich Pin, for instance. Still, it is more advisable if you make one since it will allow the viewers to share the image on their account and become seen by their followers.


4. Connect Your Pinterest To Your Other Social Media Accounts

It does not make you greedy if you promote your new Pinterest page through your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts. It makes you a smart entrepreneur because you may have friends there who do not know you’re already pinning amazing photos on Pinterest. By sharing your page on different platforms, therefore, you can get more people to check out your boards.


Once you have all the products, photos, and content ready, do everything mentioned above from top to bottom to begin marketing – and perhaps even earning – through Pinterest. Good luck!


Stress Not When It Comes To Gifting Something Special To Your 40-Year-Old Friend

While browsing for gift ideas that my mom can give to her psychologist friend who is turning 40 at the end of the month, I happened to come across this cool saying. It states that “Who can wear a bikini with a sun visor and still look good? Who can afford, and drive, a sports car without portraying a mid-life crisis? And who is old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it anyway? A 40-year-old, of course.”


It just made me smile and feel proud of those women who do not let age stop them from doing the same things that ladies in their 20s and 30s can do. After all, age is nothing but a number. There are many women who no longer think that reaching 40 years old is already the end of their happy days and that they should start doing what senior citizens do so they don’t celebrate it.

Besides, whether there’s a celebration or not, 40-year-old celebrants may still have friends who want to give them presents to make them feel loved and remembered. The only problem is that there are also friends who, like my mom, have a hard time choosing the best gift that they can bring to the party. No one can hate them for thinking that simple bouquet or a scarf or a dress will not be good enough as a birthday gift since this is technically a milestone for their gal pal.


If the celebrant is a theater or sports enthusiast, you may consider buying tickets for her to the stage play or the sports event that she wants to see the most. This is a beautiful gift that some people may oversee; that’s why you should take advantage of it. Not to mention, you will give your friend the time of her life.



On the other hand, if she is single, and you are the type of friend who wants her to have complete fun on her birthday, you can bring her and all of your other girlfriends to a bar on her special day and have wine and music overflowing all night long. Surely, if you do this, she will look at it as one of the greatest birthday gifts that she has ever received from anyone.

Personalized Jewelry

Your lady friend may be a sentimental person, so you can buy personalized jewelry that she can use every day. This can be a necklace with the names of her children and husband engraved to the pendant, a bracelet that has an embossed quote of your choice that says something about your friendship or her character or even a milestone keychain that has the gems for the years that your bond has endured.


If you think that your friend is overstressed with her work and that she needs relaxation time, you can treat her to a whole day to a spa where she can be truly pampered and rejuvenated. Alternatively, if you want to give her something more extravagant, you can give her a trip to any of the best destinations in the world.



A good friend is someone who knows when her gal pal looks under the weather and when she needs a makeover to cheer her up. Considering the celebrants seems like she requires a little pick-me-up in the beauty department, you can give her a makeover as a gift. Bring in the best stylists and – voila! – your friend will love you forever.


Moreover, if you are opting for something simple that can genuinely move her, you can buy colored paper and glue and whatever decorations you want and start making a scrapbook with all the momentous pictures that you have with her in it. Some may say that it is already an old idea, but it is your beautiful times with her that you’re going to put in it, not theirs. So, it will still come out as rare.

Final Thoughts

The gift mentioned above may have shown you some ideas on want to give to your friend. It may have also opened up your mind on the most significant things that you know can make her truly happy on her birthday. Either way, happy gifting!

7 Laws Of Prosperity That May Bring You Out Of Stress-Induced Misery


When you feel mentally troubled by the excessive amount of stress that you acquire every single day, you may already be giving therapy a thought. For any psychological issue, after all, many people believe that a licensed counselor can help them get peace of mind. Hence, they tend to expect that attending a few sessions with one may resolve the problem.

The thing is, even the reliable therapists out there know that the only person who is most effective at getting you out of your stress-induced misery is yourself. Although they studied psychology or psychiatry for years and gained multiple certifications along the way, they merely have the knowledge to guide you on what to do. It is not their job to solve your issues on your behalf because that will make you dependent on them and prevent you from sorting out your battles on your own.

While you are receiving guidance from a counselor, therefore, it will not hurt to add the seven spiritual laws of prosperity to the things you should remember.


Law Of Vacuum

The vacuum law entails that you can treat your mind like a vacuum machine that can only suck in all the good things in your environment. We are talking about happiness, excitement, success, fulfillment, and so much more, which you might miss when stress reigns in your system.

Law Of Circulation

This law is applicable for the people who love to hoard stuff, and then get miserable when their space becomes extremely messy.

In reality, your stress level may go down once you stop keeping things longer than you should. Instead of worrying about your full closet, for instance, you should remove the clothes that no longer fit and think of who you can give those to. If there are accessories that seem impressive together, find a way to recycle them. Doing so will prevent you from worrying about money and life in general.

Law Of Ideas

Are you stressing over the fact that you have the same job for years now, but that is not even the position that you have been dreaming of?

What you may be lacking at this point are ideas. Once you are in the real world, you cannot honestly rise through the ranks with hopes and promises alone. You ought to back those up with bright ideas regarding the contribution you can make for the industry or society. That’s one of the surefire ways for you to succeed.


Jenev Caddell, PsyD says “One of the best tools to practice staying present is mindfulness. Mindfulness is essentially an accepting, open, non-judgmental and curious focus on one’s emotional, cognitive and sensory experience in the present moment.”

Law Of Tithing

Considering you are a regular church-goer, you may have heard of tithing – the act of offering a tenth of your income to the church. Some folks might raise their brows upon hearing that. Others may give a small amount, but rarely ten percent of their earning.

What the law of tithing says, though, is that the money you will provide may come back to you in kind. For instance, you might come across a new partner in life, or your boss promotes you at work. Whereas it’s impossible to determine the favor you will get in return; you can be sure that excellent news will come over time.

Imagining Law

With this particular law, the guiding thought is that you can achieve everything you want as long as you imagine it. E.g., fame, money, love, family, contentment, and many more. When you have that vivid picture in your head, after all, you will eventually be able to map out the steps required to turn it into reality.

Blake Griffin Edwards, LMFT says “The need for a reason [to be happy] is similar in another specifically human phenomenon—laughter. If you want anyone to laugh you have to provide him with a reason.”

Law Of Reciprocity

Being too generous to other people may sometimes stress you out as well, especially if end up needing their help and you don’t know who’s willing to lend a hand. In that instance, you might start wondering whether what you’re doing is worth it or you have to reduce your kindness.

Based on the law of reciprocity, though, try to remember that even if the individuals around you may not return your generosity, the university will give back to you in various ways. Thus, avoid thinking that you should not be doing this or that for others because they do nothing for you.


Law Of Forgiveness

Finally, this rule states that you need to let go of your resentment, thoughts of revenge, and negative feelings to be able to free yourself from the awful situations you have experienced. Some victims of fake news or real violence, after all, tend to use what happened as the “reason” why they cannot move on, which is not okay. By continuing on that path, you are merely allowing the offender to terrorize you.

The day you can start applying the laws mentioned above to your daily life is the day when you might find yourself less affected by stress-inducing circumstances than ever. You can also try going to therapy sessions. According to Scott Bea, PsyD,  “Commitment is an important part of any psychotherapy. Empathy can be a private, positive, and restful action.”

Good luck!

Stress Management For College Students

Being in college is one of the best things in your life, which is why you have to make the best and most out of it. As much as possible, enjoy every single day that you get for this particular moment in your life. Remember that once you graduate from tertiary education level, you will start to take on several responsibilities in your life. When this happens, the expectations of the people around you, especially your family, will increase significantly.




However, college days are not all about fun and excitement. There are days when you may feel lost because of never-ending deadlines from different subjects. It can be challenging to find a balance between managing your academic concerns and spending time with friends or a boyfriend. Sometimes, when all these things clash with each other, it can be a struggle to determine which ones to prioritize. As such, do not be surprised to find out if you encounter stress and anxiety.

As a college student, encountering stress on your day-to-day college life is only normal. Because of this, you have to be smart in looking for strategies on how to minimize or eliminate stress. Below are some of the tips that you have to consider if you want to say goodbye to worry days:


Take It Slow

One of the top reasons why you are feeling stressed out at the moment is because you are probably in a rush at all times. Maybe you have so many things going on in your plate to the point that you no longer know how to handle the situation. When this happens, the ideal thing to do is to slow down. Remember that you are the only one in control of your time. Do not let yourself be a victim of poor time management. Always keep in mind that it is still possible to excel in school without giving up your social life. The key is to think first before you act. To make this happen, the essential step is to master the art of slowing down.


Be With Loved Ones

Having friends in college is fantastic because you will have a set of people behind your back no matter what happens. These are the people who share the same experiences that you go through in college. While having them around offers tons of benefits on your part, it is suggested sometimes to take a break from your relationships with these people. Do not be afraid to entertain the fact that they are not the only ones who care for you. Surround yourself with your loved ones such family members so that you can get receive a different kind of love and affection from them. Always think that nothing compares to the love of your parents and siblings. Find time to spend moments with these amazing individuals in your life.




Avoid Procrastination

As already emphasized above, there is a necessity to know how to manage your time well and efficiently. You have to be smart enough to learn how to organize your schedule to ensure that you can be stress-free for the rest of the semester. If you have deadlines for tasks or assignments, the ideal thing to do is to finish them at least one week before the said date. Do not wait until the last minute before you will act on the matter. The more you delay the completion of the expected projects, the more stressed you will become. On the other hand, if you complete everything on time, you can already relax as soon as possible. Therefore, it is best if you can find friends who share the same values as you do. Be with college students who are excellent so that you can also develop their skills.


Take Care Of Yourself

There is no excuse for not prioritizing your wellness while studying for college. Always put in mind that you will never excel in this field if you do not make an effort to value your physical and mental health. As much as possible, be committed to taking good care of yourself no matter how busy you are. It means knowing how to avoid vices such as smoking and drinking. At this point, it is crucial to note that college can be fun without narcotics and alcohol. Moreover, it is also great if you can get enough sleep every night so that your cognitive functions will not be jeopardized. Lastly, find time to exercise or engage in physical activities to keep yourself fit and healthy.




College provides several opportunities for young individuals like you. Be sure to enjoy every moment that you get. Nonetheless, do not forget to put a lot of effort into avoiding stress and anxiety. All you must do is to follow the tips and tricks mentioned above for a worry-free life in college. Have fun but be responsible.


Battle Stress And Depression By Being Beautiful




“Why are you crying again?” I asked my sister as I walked into her room.


“I’m so stressed out. I think James is fooling around with their new intern. I don’t know what to do!” The smell of her foul breath enveloped my being and instantly made me sick.


“TicTac’s, Lorie!” I said.


“Huh?” She was clueless and didn’t even know what I was talking about.


I’m not cold or insensitive. You can say that I’m tough and stress is just a “game” to be played for me. Meaning – if there are stressful situations in my life, I don’t crumble and cry hopelessly. Instead, I find a way to circumvent my stress and make it into a positive moment. Unfortunately, my sister, Lorie is not like that. She was diagnosed with depression when we were in our teens and she’s been having a hard time with her emotions. Our magic word for it is “stress”. I can never say the D-word in her presence. She won’t be able to take it well.


“Your breath stinks! When was the last time you brushed your teeth? Did you take a bath today?” No, she didn’t take a bath today, or yesterday, or the day before.


“Was that the shirt you wore when I waved at you from the road last Saturday?” I was starting to get angry at her. We live a few houses away and yeah, I’m in her “business” all the time because she’s my twin and I love her.

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How To Help Your Stressed-Out Man


Women eat stress for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But that’s how women are – they live for stress and life for them must be that way because they are SUPERS. Women stomp on it and cough it out in one blast. Men, on the other hand, are not accustomed to stress which is why an increasing number of them realize they could benefit from psychiatric help. How can they be? It’s always the women who carry the heavy load at home and outside the sanctuary – cook, clean, laundry, kids and work. Men are the breadwinners, yes, but they are not domesticated. And let’s face it, household and family issues are the stressful type of issues in life, do you agree?

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How To Be Good At Stress Management

Did you know that you have absolute control over the stressors in your life? Are you aware that there are so many things that you can do to combat stress? When you allow stress to overpower you, there is a high tendency that everything in your life will start to crumble down.

Being stressed can affect your relationships with other people. At the same time, it can also lead to loss of focus making you incompetent in everything you do.


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No Matter How Many Kids You Have, You’ll Be Stressed



Being a mother is more than just a label. It is a responsibility and a job in which you are always on duty. You might think that having more kids would mean more of your daily stress, but research disagrees with this notion. In fact, studies show that mothers who have three kids are more stressed than those who only have one or two kids and those with 4 and more. According to this research, the Dugger effect is in place once you reach a certain number of kids and it starts to get easier.


The truth though is that this could be a complete myth!


No number is more or less stressful when it comes to kids.



There is a notion that your level of stress would be dependent on the number of kids you have. Some say that when you reach a certain number, it’ll get easier since you’ll get used to everything. Others believe that the higher the number of kids you have, the more stressful it becomes. The truth is that every kid is different and raising one will always be stressful.


It may be true that your first child will definitely rock your world, especially since that kid would be a life-changer for you. But any kid that follows will be as stressful as the first one, no matter what.


If you find it easier after 4 kids, it means you’ve given up.


The said Dugger effect and the assumption that you will have it easier once you get to the fourth kid is a fallacy. One thing that could probably cause this assumption is the notion that you can just lay low when you reach the fourth kid.


While having a kid for the fourth time may be easier than your first time, the stress in always being concerned is still there and will never go away. If you already gave up and adjusted your expectations about stress, then, that’s something else entirely.


If you are the type of person who gives 100% for every kid, then, this will surely be impossible for you. Yes, there may be times that you step back and rest, but you come out stronger than before. After that break, you’ll do your best all over again. This takes time and effort – for sure, it won’t be stress-free.


More of the stress will come from your current circumstance.



Once you become a mother, it doesn’t matter how many kids you have. The stress will always be there. But if there comes a time that the stress is so unbearable, the reason will be due to your situation and not because of the kiddos.


Stress in your life will come from all sorts of circumstances. It could be because you are undergoing a nasty divorce situation or maybe your kids have special needs and are suffering from some disorders. You can have ten kids, but be in a bearable life where their trust funds are set and everything is planned. You can have one kid and yet, you can’t even buy a glass of milk. It’s all about the circumstance.


If you think you need help with your stress, search for a therapist near me, or better yet consider speaking with a therapist online at a a site like BetterHelp:



6 Ways To Free Your Mind From Stress


Life will be boring if you don’t have the opportunity to handle stressful situations. I am not saying that you should be stressed out all the time. What I’m getting at is that you should know your limit and push yourself to overcome a stressful position. Why? This will show how strong you are as a person and how your mind will work to find ways in circumventing a problem even if it poses certain stressful issues.

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“Good” Stress Is A Good Thing!


There is such a thing as good stress!

“I have finals this weekend, and at the same time, 2 of my old clients are waiting for their gowns to be finished. One of the evening dresses, the “serpentine” one in black needs more Swarovski crystals, and that can’t be done by a machine. I have to put it on myself. It’s not that tedious, but I also have another gown that needs tending. While the ball gown is already finished, the client wanted to loosen the petticoat inside for about 2 inches. In 2 months’ time, she got wider. These things happen, and the only way to solve it is just to do it!” – This was me a month ago when stress enveloped my being.

Marni Goldberg, LMFT, LPCC said that when you start to feel signs of anxiety, particularly physical ones, you should ask yourself the following questions: “What am I worried about right now?”

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