Beach Therapy: Vitamin Sea For Stress


Beach therapy? Just what is beach therapy? Is beach therapy for everybody? Let’s learn more about beach therapy here.

If only there’s a stress-proof place on earth, it would be the most crowded. People, especially those in adulthood, suffer from stress, and often some cases are too overwhelming that they lead to other mental health issues such as depression. Sarah Rumpf, MA, LPCC says that when it comes to traveling, “Do a little reality-checking.”

How Essential Is Vitamin Sea Therapy When Going To The Beach?

Since there is no escaping stress, we need to find a place where we can detoxify and regain positivity. Isn’t there a more relaxing way than sitting by the beach, reading your favorite book, or sipping a margarita, in the Bahamas or Maldives, maybe? Now, that’s pure beach therapy!


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